Why you should use warm transfer leads

Wed Dec 08 2021

What is a warm transfer?

A warm transfer first of all is a much better caller experience for all parties involved. A warm transfer will most likely be started by a call center agent contacting a potential customer. These agents will speak to a client and take their time to ensure that the customer is willing or ready to buy your product or service, as well as making sure the customer has time to continue talking. It is only then that the call/lead will be transferred across to one of your agents to close the sale. As well as customers that are likely to make a sale being transferred over to you, you will also have any information the customer has given so far passed across, so you don’t have to start the call from scratch or ask any questions the customer may have already answered.

What is the difference between a warm transfer and cold transfer?

A cold transfer (sometimes known as a blind transfer) is when a call is passed to another agent without someone speaking to the customer first. This process may have started with an automated call service, and the agent the call has been passed to will not be informed of any of the customer’s information or queries. On some occasions an agent may not be ready to receive a call so the customer will just be transferred to a voicemail. 

A cold transfer is the most commonly used form of call transfers, but it is not the best experience for your customers, as they can be forced to answer the same question to multiple agents, which of course can be frustrating and a longer process. 

The benefits of warm transfers

First of all, nowadays people have become more wary of cold calls and may give up on the call as soon as they hear the automated system. Even if it is a human talking, once they have been asked the same question by multiple people, some customers can become impatient and hang up at this point. We now live in a world where we can make one-click purchases over the internet, everything is quicker, many people don’t have the time or patience to go through the cold calling process, but a warm transfer is a much more improved and personal customer experience. 

If you put yourself in the customer’s shoes for a second, can you imagine that you are on the phone with someone, you have given your information and then been transferred to another sales agent who then doesn’t have your name, information or any details of your query. Do you want to proceed with the call and go through this again? Do you feel this company actually has your best interests at heart? Now imagine that once you have been transferred the new sales agent greets you by your name, and has all your information and is ready to go with the call. This feels like a much smoother process doesn’t it? This is the benefit of warm transfers, mainly that the customer is more than likely to trust you and stick with you.

Warm transfer leads for your business

Why are warm transfer leads best for your business? There are a number of reasons, including;

Leads are pre-screened

A warm transfer lead is essentially checked out before it is sent to your staff. They are being transferred as there is already a good chance that this particular sale can be closed. 

Multiple contacts

There may be occasions when a lead will need to be contacted numerous times before the customer may be ready to buy. Your business can save valuable time by only receiving the transfer once a sale is likely. 

You won’t get charged for disconnected calls

The final costs for your warm transfer leads won’t include disconnects or hang ups by the client. You can have peace of mind knowing you are not being charged if a customer hangs up on you.